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Welcome to the low emissions development blog. My name is Leni Berliner, and I've been into sustainable economic growth since, well, before it was cool. Most of my work has been in the Americas, and parts of Africa. I work with both government and the private sector.

To be sustainable, productive activity like forestry, agriculture, or manufacturing, has to be planned with future generations in mind. Reducing pollution from manufacturing and agriculture has been a priority for many years; forestry is catching up. Sustainable infrastructure, things like renewable power, green buildings and electrified transportation, is essential if towns and cities are to be able to survive onslaughts of non-traditional levels of flooding and drought resulting from climate change.

In making a location more climate resilient, everyone has a stake not only in the outcome, but also the process. Discussions can very quickly jump to choices in technology -- a seawall on the beach v. a sea barrier offshore -- without adequate analysis of the likely risk, the various technologies and what they mean for different locations -- and can quickly degenerate into finger-pointing and lack of cooperation, with a poor result. It is my hope that as time goes on, more people will realize that the process used post-Hurricane Sandy was woefully inadequate, and places and industries that are at risk, need to spend the time and effort for better planning and public-private partnerships.

When you embark on making your business or community more resilient to the effects of climate change, please get in touch:

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