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The International Energy Agency today announced that global CO2 emissions flatlined in 2019. So, are we there yet? Not by a long shot! CO2 emissions only fell in the "advanced economies". Total emissions are over 30 million metric tonnes, and that's not even counting methane, which is far more damaging than CO2 in the short run. In the last 30 years, emissions in the advanced economies kept rising until 2010, and have been dropping ever since. Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, emissions have risen steadily since 1990. Much of the rise is due to economic growth and improvements in the way people live and I don't grudge them the increase. we have technology to generate clean electricity, and use that clean energy to power more industrial, transport and other processes. And many processes, including construction, are much more energy efficient than they used to be. So while we move forward with the "energy transition", it's time to try to curtail some of the damage that has been done. We need our cities and countryside to be more "resilient" to flooding and drought, manage water, agriculture and health systems affected by climate change, and in general pay much more attention to our physical environment, or our grandchildren won't have one worth a darn.

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